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Welcome to the Request for Sale portal of Navid Hakimi Real Estate, where selling your property is made seamless and rewarding. Understanding that each property is unique, we offer personalized strategies to ensure your home stands out in the market. Our commitment is to turn your real estate goals into reality, delivering results that exceed expectations.

Why should you work with Navid?

“My business is founded on 3 pillars: knowledge, honesty, and integrity. You can rely on me to make sure you have the most up-to-date information about Vancouver’s real estate market, but you can also trust me to be sincere and honest about the reality of market trends, and more so, how close you can actually get to your dream house. But most importantly, I work hard to be absolutely sure that at the end of the day we are able to close the deal, and that you walk away with the best deal possible”. Through his knowledge, expertise, and relationship with other agents and developers, Navid will secure the best deal for his clients.

Combining his knowledge and hands-on skills in sales, ranging from those in the technology industry to banking, has gained him success in his career by strengthening his ability to negotiate effectively and fairly.